Perfection and accuracy is mostly needed to achieve success. Here at our plant we produce the best Air Rifle / Air Pistol Pellets for gun enthusiasts, amateurs, target shooters, senior marksmen and the renowned competitors and shooters.

The Fully computerised pellet making plant is made by the German manufacturer famous for pellet making. To achieve maximum perfection-the tooling is designed by considering all parameters in all respects and also the feed back from most of the top professional shooters all over the world.

Here in our plant each and every pellet is Opto Electronically inspected and again manually sagregated, for minimum weight tolerance & for gradation to ensure its suitability to meet your requirements for achieving best results.The basic material used is imported soft lead of highest purity with controlled antimony percentage to enhance the life and accuracy of the weapon barrels.

The shapes, sizes and weights are to the international standards to work perfectly without causing any loss of compression to achieve maximum velocity, minimizing gyroscopic effects to reduce deviation and to achieve perfect kinetic energy. Each pellet is applied with microfined dry lubricant powder to reduce friction. The containers also are designed in such a manner and are provided with cushioning to protect the pellets and all its precision and accuracy till it reach you at any distance by any transport, in any hazardous conditions.


we proudly claim - G.Smith & Co. is only company in the world providing competitive grade air rifle pellets which are individually - manually checked for its weight & dimensions to maintain the tolerance of plus / minus one milligram and zero milligram in weight respectively in all the pellets of that pack of both the precision brands.

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