Klin Kit-[For Shot Guns]

G SMITH & CO. is totally devoted to care taking of your arms, and have started producing a vast range of maintenance equipments with the same state of Art. Here are some of them you should rely on

  • The Brass brush is made from soft but stenciled wire as per international standards and will not damage the finish of the bore.

  • The hair brush and woolen mop also are made as per international standards to assure best results of maintenance. The extra length of the brushes offers additional cleaning surface area which will reduce your efforts of cleaning.

  • The mopel loop is made of a very special synthetic material to last longer, also being softer-is much harmless to the bore polish of your Gun.

  • The extention Rods are made of aeronautical grade aluminium and are surface hardened by Anodizing. The Grip of the end rod is ergonomically designed to have a firm grip. The brass couplings fitted on the ends of the rod are screw fitted to the rod. The threading of the couplings are very accurate and not having excessive clearances. Hence the joints will be very firm and the extended rod will not bend nor gets dethreaded or separated.
    Both the materials, being softer than the barrel material will not make any harm to the bore.

  • The Klin Through provided in the kit can be assembled with any brush or loop of the kit and can be pulled through the bore when ever assembling the extention rod is not necessary for any simple reasons.

  • The Klin Kitis made of special synthetic material to safe Guard and bear the weight of the contains, being sturdy. It can be carried with the Gun anywhere you go-in field or on shooting range. So you can take care of your Gun as soon as your firing is over.

  • The Klin Boreextention rods carry life time warrantee against any manufacturing defects

  • Available for 16 and 12 gauge shot Guns.


we proudly claim - G.Smith & Co. is only company in the world providing competitive grade air rifle pellets which are individually - manually checked for its weight & dimensions to maintain the tolerance of plus / minus one milligram and zero milligram in weight respectively in all the pellets of that pack of both the precision brands.

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